The CircuitPython 9 Release Show

The CircuitPython 9 Release Show

Episode description

00:00 Welcome to The Bootloader

00:22 What are we excited about in CircuitPython 9?

00:56 jpegio and the Memento Camera

2:12 The one downside of JPEG vs. BMP or PNG

3:03 How Adafruit is innovating around the hardware and software

3:57 bitmapfilter image effects

4:28 USB Host

5:07 Keyboards on USB Host

7:12 MicroPython and merging its changes into CircuitPython

  • Split heap memory management

9:55 paralleldisplaybus

  • LilyGO microcontrollers
  • 8x faster display using paralleldisplaybus for ESP32

12:13 CIRCUITPY on Android

13:28 ESP-IDF software development kit for Espressif microcontrollers

  • CircuitPython 9.0 moves from IDF v4.x to IDF v5
  • Potential for Bluetooth for ESP32-S3 chips

15:52 ConnectionManager and the CircuitPython community

18:04 Breaking changes in CircuitPython

  • deprecated
  • Mounting a filesystem requires an existing directory
  • CircuitPython now requires explicit socket port re-use. Use socket.setsockopt(pool.SOL_SOCKET, pool.SO_REUSEADDR, 1), as in CPython.

20:10 Thank you to everyone in the CircuitPython community who contributed to CircuitPython 9.0

20:43 The CircuitPython Community Weekly Meeting every Monday at 2pm EST in the Adafruit Discord

21:33 Thanks for listening!

Memento photo used under a CC-BY-SA 3.0 license