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About Paul

Paul Cutler is the creator and host of The CircuitPython Show and co-host of The Bootloader. When he’s not attending his kids sports activities or introducing them to classic 80s movies, you can find him listening to records from his vinyl collection, tinkering with Python or CircuitPython, playing with his dog, or watching a movie.

You can reach Paul at paul at circuitpythonshow dot com or follow Paul on Mastodon. You can also visit his blog where he has been writing about nothing for over twenty years.

About Tod

Tod E. Kurt is co-founder of ThingM, a ubiquitous computing / Internet of Things device studio based in Pasadena and San Francisco. He is creator of the popular blink(1) USB notificiation light and BlinkM, the Smart LED prototyping device. Tod is a contributor to MAKE magazine, the author of the book “Hacking Roomba”, an active member in the Arduino community, and co-founder of the Los Angeles hackerspace Crash Space. His past work includes being the original systems architect of, the first public pay-per-click search engine, and a researcher in Yahoo Research Lab. Before that, Tod was a hardware, software, and firmware engineer working on robotic camera systems for probes that went to Mars.


Theme song for The CircuitPython Show is Part Six from the album Frequency by Bartlebeats under a Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 3.0 license.

Theme song for The Bootloader is Tall Bird from the album Frequency by Bartlebeats under a Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 3.0 license.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to Python, MicroPython, and CircuitPython.

Thank you to Michael Kennedy and Brian Okken of the Python Bytes podcast for answering my many questions when starting out. A second thank you to Brian Okken whose podcast interview prep I have shamelessly stolen (with his permission, of course).

Lastly, thank you for listening. Stay positive!