Built from the ground up

Built from the ground up

Episode description

In this episode, Paul and Tod each share three interesting things from learn to solder kits to programming ARM in assembly and more. Visit TheBootloader.net for more information including detailed show notes and transcripts.

00:22 Meet the Maker: Carrie Sundra of Alpenglow Industries. (Paul #1)

1:29 SMT Garden - surface mount soldering kit

3:51 Building a synthesizer with the Daisy Seed from Electrosmith (Tod #1)

5:56 synthUX Academy classes on YouTube

8:08 Microdot web framework for MicroPython (Paul #2)

9:08 Programming for both CPython and CircuitPython or MicroPython

10:25 ARM Assembly Deep-dives by Carlynorama (Tod #2)

16:52 ARM Simulator in the browser

18:50 gcc and Clang compilers for ARM

19:20 Bambu Labs 3D printer follow-up from Episode 1 (Paul #3)

20:35 Bambu extends firmware support until 2027 and security updates until 2029

23:08 Let’s talk about Capacitive Touch Sensors and Sliders (Tod #3)

29:00 Tod’s Tindie Store

29:31 Wrap-up and visit TheBootloader.net for detailed show notes and transcripts

AxWax @axwax@chaos.social
@thebootloader Wow, what a cool episode:First there's a nice spotlight on @alpenglow, her soldering workshops and kits, then @todbot talks about some great resources for making audio tech using the #DaisySeed, a microcontroller/platform I had eyed up but shied away from for a long time.I had to stop here, but am looking forward to checking out the rest of the episode tonight...